I'm currently writing a science fiction novel set in the near future. I had the idea back in my 3rd year of undergrad, and decided to sit on the story and mold it into something better for a few years. In the past 2 years I've been doing tons of research about current and future technologies like fusion, space exploration, and androids.

I love to read, and I'm currently reading Dune and Ready Player One. Sci-Fi is my favorite genre, and being able to tell a story grounded with characters you can empathize with is a skill thats fascinating to see done well. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix were a few of the movies I grew up watching that inspired my love of film. I think movies in this era were able to capture something about humanity that many today can't. They had a quality to them that made that probed your imagination.

Below are some drawings I've made about my novel. Follow me on instagram to stay updated!

Looking out at the expansive room and the carnage it held, she wondered. She wondered if either side had found it worth their while. She wondered why. But most of all, she wondered what happened. Somehow, she felt those close to her held answers, but her mind couldn't put a finger on it. She tried to think back to the days of the war. Her memories clouded. Half-remembered images. Thoughts faded. I will not go back she thought. Things are better now. Marie frowned. She tried to think of anything else besides the war. Besides those days. Besides her mother. But she couldn't. Who was she... did what happened here have anything to do with her? Thinking... thinking... . She felt pain and looked down at her hand. It was a tightly clenched fist. She tried to clear her mind and focus on her surroundings. . Silence. . The sound of grinding metal and crumbling rocks pierced through the silence in the cave. Marie's head spun. Rocks burst from the ground propelled by metal tubing and wires. Her eyes traced the debris to a figure rising to its feet. She couldn't make out what it was through dust and a thin mist. In an instant it lunged towards her. Marie remembered what she was taught in that moment. It was the only thing in her mind. . Guard up. Focus. Control their Center. . . #characterdesign #characterconcept #characterart #scificoncept #conceptart #concept #art #novel #scifinovel #sciencefiction #scifi #sci-fi #scifiart #illustration #drawing #seattlewriters #seattlewriter #writing #sketch

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