Stryve Design Work


2 Months




Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sketching

In early 2017 I did freelance design work for the small startup Stryve. Stryve is a mobile app on the iOS store that builds workouts uniquely for every individual. The algorithm utilized is certified by professional trainers to maximize results so anyone can get their own perfect workout. The concept was flushed out, and I was hired to create a video that would be used as marketing material on various social media platforms.

Understanding the Project

My first goal was to understand Stryve, what their goals were, and how I could best help them. I met with the founder multiple times first to discuss the role and what they wanted to acheive with this project. I made notes to help me get a better understanding of industry they were in, as well as their target users.


First creating storyboards to decide on the narrative flow was the best approach. It was also a good way to ensure we were all on the same page as far as the purpose and target users of the video. First, I created storyboards based on a conversation we had about where the video would be viewed and what users it would be targeting.

I received feedback on the storyboards, which I incorporated into a few different iterations. We knew there should be a small element of narrative within the video. For example, a person should quickly be able to understand how the product would fit into their everyday life. It should quickly get across the concept of the app, while also demonstrating contextual usage.

Shot List

We decided to use stock footage for the marketing video. It would be easiest to purchace stock footage rather than invest in filming the shots we needed. Doing so would have required a camera, actors, and lighting that we didn't have time for. We created a document with every shot we needed so I could easily go in and transfer the footage to my computer and begin editing.

Rough Cuts

I edited the video in Adobe After Effects. Some of the shots required green screen and motion tracking work to composite video content onto video elements. After the first rough cut, I worked with the founder, receiving quick feedback to make small adjustments in the video. Branding, logos, and colors were some of the pieces that needed refinement. Since we worked with stock footage, I had to find the most relevant footage of exercises that matched workouts in the app, fit a theme we tried to create, and could tell a story in the larger context.

Final Video

The video was created for social media marketing purposes, and designed for users to quickly understand the concept without wasting time. Stryve is an app designed to fit into the everyday routine of anyone, and I believe the video does a good job of communicating those ideas.