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During my first month starting the MHCID program at the University of Washington, I got a part time job doing Graphic Design and Web Design work for Joseph Zimmer. He owns a private dental practice downtown in the Medical Dental Building, and it was a perfect opportunity for me to apply my design skills. He had many projects like websites, stationary, and logos that needed to be created.

Seattle Dental Website

I wanted to focus on simplicity for the design of this website. I let the images speak for themselves, and included only relevant information. I talked to Dr. Zimmer and staff to determine the right information to put on the site, and where to put it. I used HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript. It was the first time the website had been updated in over a decade, so making the website responsive on all devices was a crucial part of development. I started by taking notes what to incorporate, and what content it should include.


I had never had a position in the healthcare industry, and wasn't familiar with how patients were handled, what information they wanted to see, and their goals and needs. My goal during the redesign was to understand how I could redesign the website to make it more intuitive. After talking with employees and patients who used the old website, I learned that quickly getting information patients need is the most important part of a dental website. Avoiding having excess information, and clearly providing users documents they need were the highest priorities.


I took pages of notes from many meetings with Dr. Zimmer regarding establishing requirements of the website, forms that should be included, healthcare providers that should be listed, and general content that should appear on the website.


I collaborated with Dr. Zimmer to get his feedback on how best to layout the content on the website. On the old website, there was much more content, however he wanted most of it to be trimmed and placed thoughtfully in the redesign. I was constantly getting new information, and updating the designs.

Final Design

Settling in the final design took a lot of feedback and iteration. I had to work closely with Dr. Zimmer to ensure the information was correct on every page. When working in the healthcare industry, its important to ensure that you're providing patients the right information, and right instructions to ensure a seamless dental experience. I also made sure the website was responsive so users on all platforms could have a consistent experience.

Old Website

Looking at the old website, information wasn't structured well. It was difficult for patients to find some of the information they needed with content and forms spread throughout the site. My task was to redesign the site, ensure the information architecture was optimized for patients, and remove unnecessary information.

Patient Engagement Letter

The dental practice was going through a series of major changes. Dr. Zimmer decided to split the workload of patients between him and another experienced dentist, Dr. Moazami. His charity, Zosseo Overland Support, was also in need of volunteers and more exposure. He also wanted to update his many patients (over 4000) on general changes in the practice. My job was to create and design a letter for his patients.


Dr Zimmer created Zosseo implant drill stops, which attached to dental equipment. This allows dentists to control vertical penetration with a variety of drill systems. He needed a logo, business cards, email signatures, envelopes, and other material for Zosseo.


Email Marketing

Email Signatures

Zosseo Overland Support

Zosseo Overland Support is a nonprofit that focuses on providing healtcare to people in Kenya. ZOS was formed in service of the idea that rural, disparate populations should have their voices heard and responded to in places where governments, NGOs, and private enterprises have left gaps in care. In our capacity as an all-terrain mobile clinic, ZOS aims to provide health and wellness services to rural communities across East Africa in order to empower people to live happy, healthy lives.

Business Cards




Zosseo Overland Support Website Design


The first step was to understanding Zosseo Overland Support was meeting with the two main stakeholders and having discussions about its purpose and their goals. My two main tasks for this project were creating a clean website, and seamlessly integrating the payment system, which should include information about matching donations.


To understand how non profit websites prioritize information, I did a competitive analysis of large non profits like St. Jude, The Red Cross, and Acumen. I also did extensive research on the matching donation process for non profits. Currently, many non profits don't provide enough information to users during the process, and it can be overwhelming. I found the easiest way for users to navigate this task is to provide them with a form outlining the guidelines for the process. Each company has their own process for submitting a matching donation, which involves numerous steps.