Pyclid [startup]

"A website that gives gamers a voice."


Front End Developer


Michael Turner, Nick Erardi, Matthew Eziashi, Jesse Evans

Pyclid is a website focused on giving gamers somewhere to voice their opinios, and vote on their favorite games. Gamers can vote on different parts of their favorite games on console or pc. For example, users can vote on what their favorite character is, compare items against each other, and also see different users Steam profiles and statistics. This platform can also be used as a platform to start "petitions" which are pages that users can sign or vote on. These petitions could be about anything gamers have problems with in the game, or suggestions in general. Petitions with the most signatures will rise to the top and could be useful for gaming companies to receive feedback.


My Role

I was brought on for about two months to improve the design on the site. I used the standard web development languages to do so, as well as some JavaScript. I started by mocking up wireframes for the voting page. This page is where players would come to vote on their favorite weapons, characters, and other mechanics of a specific video game. Players who voted would be able to see the results as to which items were the most popular for certain games. My work dealt entirely with UI and figuring out the most engaging way to display information.