The Landlord Guru [startup]

"A website that gives gamers a voice."


Front End Developer


2 Months

The Landlord Guru was a startup in Washington DC that focused on allowing people looking for housing a portal to see reviews for landlords. This would keep landlords accountable, giving them incentive to maintain high standards. It's a huge benefit for those looking to rent, because they now have some peace of mind about the property. Users are able to search in the city they're looking to rent in. They can see which properties have reviews, and click each property to read user reviews and ratings for that property. Users also have the option of leaving a review for a specific landlord themselves.

My Role

I was brought on as a front end developer, whose task was mostly to help with the design and layout of the website. During my time with the startup I mostly worked with the review system. It was designed as a modal that would pop up after a user clicked "Write a Review." I worked with AngularJS and Bootstrap to create the review experience for users.


Logo Desgin